Safe Food

Lettuce Fields

The foods we eat today come from a global marketplace. And all foods – no matter where or how they are produced – need to be handled, prepared and stored properly to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms that can cause illness.

Foodborne illness is a growing public health problem – and we are committed to solving it. From preventing cross-contamination at animal production and food processing facilities to providing hand hygiene programs for restaurant employees, we help our customers provide consumers with safe food – and the confidence to eat and drink anything, anywhere.

Food Safety is becoming more complex – and more critical

  • Each year, unsafe food is responsible for illness in at least 2 billion people worldwide
  • 700,000 people in Asia die annually as a result of food- and waterborne disease
  • In the U.S., diseases caused by the major pathogens alone are estimated to cost up to $35 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity