Adhesion™ Probe Covers

Imaging just got faster and easier with these innovative probe covers that feature an adhesive tip that secures the probe cover to the transducer.

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Inovative Technology for Faster and Easier Imaging

There are times when the simplest innovation significantly changes the way we work for the better. This is the magnitude of Adhesion. Already preferred by techs in the field, this remarkable adhesive probe cover may forever alter the way you perform imaging for sterile procedures.

  • Easier to use
  • Medical grade adhesive secures cover to transducer
  • Easier to clean up
  • No change in image quality
  • No remaining residue on the transducer
  • No gel needed inside the cover

Adhesion uses an adhesive time that secures the probe cover to the transducer. This reduces time needed to prepare the transducer for procedures. By not having to include gel on the inside of the cover, the hassle of cleaning the transducer after the procedure is eliminated.

"We do a large internal medicine clinic...we do a fair amount of thyroid biopsies with our Endocrinologist. ..We have struggled in the past with ultrasound gel and making sure that it is not in the area biopsied. We recently said, 'wouldn't it be great if there was a probe cover that did not need gel'...the Adhesion Probe Cover was the exact thing we needed. They work amazing! The fit like a glove and no gel is needed. This has allowed us to have more precise biopsies without the worry of gel getting into the area. We highly recommend this new product!"

- Gloria L. Technical Director, Cardiovascular Ultrasound Department


Image Quality Is Uncompromised

Adhesion Probe Covers are ideal for Diagnostic, Endocavity and Intraoperative imaging. Wherever a probe is used, Adhesion is the cover you need.

To prevent intravascular catheter-related infections, The CDC recommends using ultrasound guidance [such as Adhesion Probe Cover] to reduce the number of cannulation attempts and mechanical complications (page 11, #7) and maximum sterile barrier precautions and a sterile full body drape [such as SPD2317, SPD254 Patient Drapes]. (Page 12, #1)

To access the referenced CDC guidelines, visit


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