Greaselift and Hi-Temp Tools

When used together, Greaselift and Hi-Temp Tools deliver powerful degreasing made safer and easier.

Ecolab’s new manual oven cleaning system features Greaselift — a proprietary chemistry that penetrates tough, baked-on grease and lifts it away from the surface. No gloves or goggles are required to use Greaselift, making it our safest high performance degreaser yet!
Ecolab’s Hi-Temp Tools are a new line of degreasing tools designed specifically to help with the tough manual degreasing challenges of the retail environment. The new tools are ergonomic, powerful, and easy-to-use, resulting in less time spent cleaning with better results.
When used in combination, Greaselift and Ecolab’s Hi-Temp Tools are POWERFUL DEGREASING. MADE SAFER. MADE EASIER.

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Ecolab Greaselift sell sheet (PDF)

Ecolab Managed Hi-Temp Tool Program sell sheet (PDF)


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