MerControl™ 8034

MerControl 8034 technology is a polymeric, organic additive that specifically binds with mercury to reduce mercury re-emission across w-FGDs. MerControl 8034 technology is a liquid application used to enhance mercury removal in w-FGD scrubbers resulting in reduced stack emissions. MerControl 8034 technology has been shown to lower overall mercury emissions at the stack as well as remove mercury from the w-FGD liquor, all without affecting the w-FGD gypsum by-product. The application of...

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  • Features & Benefits

Advantages of MerControl 8034 Technology

  • Low capital cost with a small footprint
  • Has consistently outperformed competitive technologies
  • Improves efficiency of mercury removal via the w-FGD without compromising unit operation
  • Provides flexibility to fluctuations in operations and fuel quality that impact meeting mercury emission regulations
  • Liquid additive simplifies application, distribution, and control
  • Depending on site conditions, can eliminate the need for additional control technologies  

What is Mercury Re-Emission?

Oxidized mercury is soluble in water and can be removed from the flue gas by the presence of a w-FGD. For certain w-FGDs, when oxidized mercury enters the scrubber it is reduced to elemental mercury which is not soluble, resulting in lower mercury capture efficiency and increased stack emissions. This phenomenon has been coined Mercury Re-emission and is defined as an increase in elemental mercury across the w-FGD scrubber.


Safety Data Sheets contain procedures for handling products safely. SDSs vary by country.

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