OptiPro™ Single Solid Neutral Enzymatic Detergent

Neutral Enzymatic Instrument Detergent formulated to dissolve and digest proteinaceous and other organic matter.

*Not a medical instrument sterilant or high level disinfectant.

Product details

  • Features & Benefits

  • Product Size/Product Number

Easy to Use

  • One sku instead of two for simplified inventory management
  • Color and shape coded blocks to help avoid chemical errors
  • Lightweight blocks are easy to store, transport and load
Impressive Performance
  • Innovative new solid-formula technology for extraordinary results in washer-disinfectors
  • Low foaming to help keep machines running at optimal performance
  • Controls scale formation to help increase efficiency of detergents and extend equipment life
Sustainability Advantage
  • Reduced packaging to help minimize waste
  • Reduced product weight and size to help decrease transportation and storage costs
  • Phosphate free formula to help reduce environmental impact

*OptiPro™ Single Solid Neutral Enzymatic Detergent is neutral at use dilution

Product Size Part Number

2-2.8 lbs (1.3 kg)



Safety Data Sheets contain procedures for handling products safely. SDSs vary by country.


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