Food and Beverage Commercial Laundry Products

At Ecolab, we know your customers expect high quality results. That means your linens need to consistently be clean, fresh and crisp. Our Food and Beverage commercial laundry products can help you achieve the best solutions for all types of food and beverage linens. Work with Ecolab's Textile Care experts to determine a formula specific to the needs of your laundry operation.

Royal Performance Detergent: is a sustainable detergent specially formulated for today's tough food and beverage stains. Highly efficient, it cleans and removes food service oils and protein stains from polyester, cotton, spun polyester and blends using less solvent, in a wide range of temperatures and without the use of phosphates or NPEs.

Royal Boost: is a surfactant based detergent booster used in particularly tough food fats and oils to superior removal on spun cotton and polyester fabrics.

AdvaCare™ Disinfectant: is an EPA-Registered peracetic acid based bleaching system that carries claims of 99.999% microbial disinfection for 10 common illness-causing bacteria. It also offers low temperature bleaching action which increases linen life and saves on energy costs as compared to other common oxidizers.

E-Max Alkali: E-Max Alkali is a high alkaline solution that works in conjunction with a detergent to create an emulsion that suspends oily and solid particles for more effectively removal of dirt and stains in fabrics and linen.

Additional Food and Beverage Solutions:

E-Max Silver: an all-around effective detergent for Food and Beverage soils. This detergent is specifically formulated to work across a broad base of stains without the use of NPEs.

E-Max Precise / E-Max Exact: these are unique water conditioning agents that improve the water so the detergent and alkali can do their job in optimal parameters

Liquid Renovate: a super-concentrated stain management product used specifically on tough spun polyester fabrics seen in the Food and Beverage segment. It is effective on stains ranging from black carbon marks and stainless steel to crayon stains.

ISP INJ Sour: provides high neutralizing capacity, treats fabrics gently and adjusts pH of garments to minimize potential skin irritation. It improves productivity for high speed finishing and is automatically injected for safe, hands-off operation


Safety Data Sheets contain procedures for handling products safely. SDSs vary by country.


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