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Ecolab healthcare laundry products feature the first and only EPA-registered disinfectant for commercial healthcare laundries. Our dedicated team of experts partners with you to create just the right formula for your operation. In the healthcare laundry industry, there is no room for error when sanitizing and disinfecting. Keeping patients safe starts with the disinfection of linens to minimize the spread of harmful pathogens.

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Remedy: is a highly active detergent, specifically formulated to meet the demands of today’s healthcare facility soils. It effectively targets healthcare specific soils such as blood and human soils.

E-Max Alkali: E-Max Alkali is a high alkaline solution that works in conjunction with a detergent to create an emulsion that suspends oily and solid particles for more effectively removal of dirt and stains in fabrics and linen.

AdvaCare™ Disinfectant: is an EPA-Registered peracetic acid based bleaching system that carries claims of 99.999% microbial disinfection for 10 common illness-causing bacteria. It also offers low temperature bleaching action which increases linen life and saves on energy costs as compared to other common oxidizers.

Additional Healthcare Solutions:

Ecolab PERformance: a peracetic acid based oxidizer formulated for extremely low bleaching temperatures. It produces impeccable whiteness when bleaching as low as 140°F which drastically saves on energy costs as well as on linen life.

AdvaCare™ Residual Bacstat: is a residual bacteriostatic finishing product which inhibits the growth of bacteria on line after the wash process. It is best used in conjunction with AdvaCare Disinfectant as the oxidizer.

AdvaCare™ Fluid Repellent: This state-of-the-art additive improves the wash process and increases the service life of surgical textiles like barrier garments and also further reduces the risk of blood borne pathogen transmission.

AdvaCare™ 120 Detergent AE: an ultra-concentrated detergent built with enzymes that target specific healthcare associated soils at an extremely low temperature of 120°F.

Clearly Soft: Clearly Soft Liquid Fabric Softener helps keep linens impeccably clean and gives towels, bedding, bathrobes and other fabrics luxurious softness and a fresh, clean springtime scent.

ISP INJ Sour: provides high neutralizing capacity, treats fabrics gently and adjusts pH of garments to minimize potential skin irritation. It improves productivity for high speed finishing and is automatically injected for safe, hands-off operation.



Safety Data Sheets contain procedures for handling products safely. SDSs vary by country.


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