Commercial Industrial Laundry Products

Partner with Ecolab to achieve the best cleaning results through sustainable, high performing chemistry and reliable and accurate dispensing so you can clean right the first time.
Products for Commercial Industrial Laundries

Performance™ Detergent: Patented blend formulated to provide excellent cleaning performance on the heaviest industrial soils. Works in conjunction with Performance Booster to provide wash formula flexibility on linen types and soil levels to deliver optimal balance of cleaning performance and chemical usage.

Performance™ Alkali: A highly concentrated, quick rinsing, highly active sodium hydroxide alkali that provides cleaning power to remove notoriously tough heavy industrial soils.

Performance™ Booster: A very potent surfactant booster used in combination with Performance Detergent and Performance Alkali to increase soil removal of oils and greases from the toughest classes

Additional Industrial Solutions:

E-Max Detergent: a unique combination of additives and surfactants formulated for a wide range of soils. This detergent has uses across all segments and is DfE certified from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

E-Max Precise / E-Max Exact: these are  unique water conditioning agents that improve the water so the detergent and alkali can do their job in optimal parameters.

Turbo Crisp: a unique blend of natural and PVA starch in liquid form that’s tough enough to work on heavy fabrics but is gentle enough to maintain a soft hand

ISP INJ Sour: provides high neutralizing capacity, treats fabrics gently and adjusts pH of garments to minimize potential skin irritation. It improves productivity for high speed finishing and is automatically injected for safe, hands-off operation


Safety Data Sheets contain procedures for handling products safely. SDSs vary by country.


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