RRA™ Red Mud Flocculants

Nalco’s Rigid Rod Architecture – RRATM Flocculants have been custom formulated and structured specifically for maximum efficiency and performance under highly challenging red mud conditions. A combination of high efficiency and improved performance vs. traditional red mud flocculants provides a unique advantage for alumina industry refiners to address productivity improvement and total cost of operation improvement simultaneously.

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From a productivity perspective the advantages of Nalco RRATM flocculants include: 

  • Increased alumina production 
  • Increased mud compaction and alumina recovery 
  • Improved security filtration capacity & efficiency 
  • Fewer scale related outages 
  • Fewer organics introduced

From a total cost of operations perspective the advantages of Nalco RRATM flocculants include: 

  • Improved cost in use 
  • Lower dose requirement 
  • Lower soda consumption 
  • Increased wash efficiency 
  • Lower energy consumption 
  • Reduced evaporation requirements 
  • Reduced labor & maintenance 
  • Fewer scale related outages

In Bayer process production of alumina, bauxite ore is digested in a high temperature, highly caustic solution. Remaining red mud residue, which does not digest, is left suspended in the resulting saturated sodium aluminate solution. This red mud residue must be removed prior to further processing of the saturated solution to ultimately precipitate a purified alumina trihydrate product. Red mud removal requires the use of flocculants effective in bridging and entrapping fine red mud solids to rapidly separate the solids from the saturated liquor. This separation process occurs via decantation and subsequently in multiple counter current washing stages to reclaim soluble alumina and soda.

The more efficient the flocculant is in performing its function, the lower the cost of red mud separation. The more effective the flocculant is, the greater the potential for; increased alumina recovery, reduction in valuable soda losses, and minimization of negative downstream effects.


Safety Data Sheets contain procedures for handling products safely. SDSs vary by country.

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