3D TRASAR™ Boiler Technology for Refineries and Petrochemical

Refineries and petrochemical plants have some of the most challenging boiler feed water systems, and boiler reliability is critical to plant operations. If a boiler is shut down unexpectedly, it can impact the on-stream availability of an entire process unit and result in reduced production.

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Since changing conditions impact different parts of the boiler system...often very quickly...3D TRASAR Boiler Technology is critical. Nalco completes a thorough audit (mechanical, operational, and chemical) of your boiler systems in order to understand the gaps and make recommendations specific to your operational goals. This approach is designed to drive the results, reliability, and cost savings that all refineries and petrochemical plants expect.

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology
There are many different variables that can affect the total system performance of a steam system boiler including feed water quality, chemical treatment program, contamination events, and operational factors. These variables can cause system stresses that manifest themselves as operational problems: pre-boiler corrosion and economizer failures, boiler tube scale, boiler carryover, and fouling of critical downstream equipment such as turbines.

The 3D TRASAR program detects system variations, then determines and delivers the correct program dosage. Nalco continues to improve the technology, making it the industry standard for monitoring and control that delivers measurable results. The technology can be customized and upgraded to ensure your system has the amount of desired control when you want it. It also has web accessibility and easy reporting capabilities in one, easy to install package.

The Deliverables
3D TRASAR Boiler Automation delivers value by:

  • Improving boiler reliability
  • Optimizing energy and water usage
  • Reducing green house gases
  • Reducing the total cost of operations

The technology provides real time diagnostic capability, reduces scaling potential, reduces pre-boiler corrosion potential, and reduces carryover potential.

3D TRASAR Internal Treatment Control
Nalco continues to improve tracing technology, making it the industry standard for monitoring and control that delivers measurable results. Boiler internal treatment control is achieved with various sensor technologies coupled with the most advanced boiler internal treatment chemistry. Upsets that could cause scaling or corrosive conditions automatically triggers control actions which brings the system back to safe parameters, maintaining clean boiler tubes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3D TRASAR Pre-Boiler Corrosion Control
The Nalco Corrosion Stress Monitor (NCSM) minimizes preboiler corrosion by measuring and reacting to the net oxidation/ reduction potential of the bulk feedwater, at the actual boiler operating temperatures and pressures. The NCSM detects changes in oxidation/reduction stress, determines the corrective action and responds in real-time by changing oxygen scavenger or metal passivator feed to protect the system. It is now possible to detect and react to the conditions inside the preboiler system under actual operating temperatures and pressures, allowing 3D TRASAR technology to deliver superior boiler system performance.

3D TRASAR Boiler Cycles Management
Nalco’s 3D TRASAR Boiler Automation also helps optimize and control boiler blowdown. The outcome is increased heat efficiency, reduced energy requirements, increased water reuse, asset preservation, and improved utilization of fuel to heat your boiler.

3D TRASAR Information Management
We offer a data driven process for continuous improvement. 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology continuously monitors key system parameters and KPIs which can then be analyzed from the convenience of your control room (DCS), on-line or by downloading to a laptop computer.

ROI Case Studies:

  • 3D TRASAR Technology for Boilers reduces pre-boiler corrosion & unplanned boiler shut downs in a West Coast Refinery resulting in $4.8 MM in savings.
  • Refinery improved sustainability, saving $372,000 per year in energy and water savings by optimizing boiler blowdown via 3D TRASAR boiler blowdown management.

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