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Refining and petrochemical cooling water systems provide the most difficult challenges in the water treatment industry. High exchanger skin temperatures, low water velocities, degrading quality of make-up water streams and tightening environmental restrictions continue to increase the stress on these systems. Poor performance of a cooling water system will increase the unit’s total costs and reduce the asset’s reliability and throughput.

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3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling Water utilizes unique real-time monitoring, patented actives based control technology, proprietary stress resistant chemistry and 24/7 information management capabilities to detect, determine and deliver improved scale, corrosion and microbiological performance in cooling systems.

Since changing conditions impact different parts of the cooling water system, Nalco completes a thorough audit of your system using the MOC process in order to understand the gaps and make recommendations specific to your operational goals.

• MOC is a data driven process to understand
• Mechanical – Heat Exchanger operating conditions
• Operation – Variability analysis of current control methods
• Chemical – Computer modeling of water chemistry parameters under the Mechanical HE operating conditions and Operational variability

The 3D TRASAR program detects system variations, then determines and delivers the correct program dosage. Nalco continues to improve the technology, making it the industry standard for monitoring and control that delivers measurable results. It also has web accessibility and easy reporting capabilities in one, easy to install package.

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