3D TRASAR™ Water Saver™ Technology

As water scarcity and increasing water costs become more widespread, water saving technology becomes critical to businesses that depend on a readily available and cost effective water source. Our proven solution, 3D TRASAR Water Saver Technology, delivers significant water savings by increasing cycles of concentration, precipitating hardness in the circulated water passing thru the reactors, and optimizing cooling tower performance thru a sophisticated automation program.

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Blow Molder saves more than 1MM gallons of water

Innovative technology helps a global plastic blow molder save more than 1MM gallons of water annually while maintaining optimal plant production

Aircraft Manufacturer Reduces Water

Global aircraft manufacturer achieves water reduction and system performance goals with 3D TRASAR Water Saver Technology.

Automotive Manufacturer Exceeds Water Saving Goals

Global automotive manufacturer exceeds water savings goals and ensures optimum cooling system performance with 3D TRASAR Water Saver Technology
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