Apex Warewashing Program

Solve your biggest warewashing problems with automatic tracking of key performance metrics, an intuitive new dishmachine monitor and actionable reporting and alarms. Our Apex Warewashing Program offers foodservice operators maximum control over their warewashing results and total costs.

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More Control. Made Simple.

The Apex family of high performing machine warewashing products includes:

  • Detergents
  • Rinse Aids
  • Sanitizers
  • The Apex family of high performing manual warewashing products includes:

  • Manual Detergents
  • Broad Range Sanitizers
  • Flatware Presoak
  • Pot and Pan Soak

    24/7 Data Capture, Alarms & Elevated Training Experience
  • The controller captures real time data that tracks key metrics to help ensure clean wares and less rewash.
  • Monitors temperatures, alerts you if you are out of product or need a wash tank change out.

    24/7 Data Summarized Into An Easy-to-Read Dashboard Report
  • Pinpoints where and when issues occur with your dishmachine.
  • Knowing what the problem is and when it occurs helps ensure cleaner dishes and less rewash.

    Minimize Your Overall Impact
  • 99.7% phosphate and phosphorus free products.
  • Solid product chemistry prevents toxic spills.
  • Properly racked one pass warewashing reduces rewash and saves energy.

    High Performing Chemistry for Maximum Control
  • Excellent Results: Low phosphate and phosphorus products that do not sacrifice on performance.
  • Easy to Use: All-solid concentrated chemistry with controlled dispensing.
  • Spill Proof: Solid product chemistry prevents spills.
  • Ecolab Dishmachine Portfolio

    Click here to download a portfolio of our entire line of door, conveyor and undercounter dishmachines.

    Ecolab Foodservice Program Guide

    Learn more about our Apex warewashing products, programs and services and how we can help you achieve better business results and remain operationally efficient.

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