Aquanomic Laundry Program for Lodging

Aquanomic is an innovative laundry system that delivers exceptional Clean, White & Soft linen results, while reducing water and energy consumption by up to 40%. It’s a total system proven to optimize your laundry operation while helping to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier.

Aquanomic Laundry Program

Revolutionary chemistry enables great results with less water and energy.

A Sustainable, Smart Solution
The Aquanomic Laundry Program is an innovative way for your organization to make a difference by saving natural resources and helping improve operational efficiency. Aquanomic Optimized Low Temp Chemistry, combined with the Smart Wash Process, reduces wash steps, water usage and water temperature.

Safe and Easy to Use
  • Phosphate-free and NPE-free chemistry helps protect waterways and the environment.
  • Closed loop dispensing and color coded products improve safety and reduce exposure to chemicals.

    Water & Energy Savings
  • One-touch ease: Pre-programmed Smart Wash Process ensures consistent savings each and every load.
  • Low-temperature chemistry: Aquanomic chemistry is specifically formulated to deliver consistently Clean, White & Soft results at low temperatures.
  • Precision dispensing: Eliminates waste and ensures optimal results with every load.

    World-Class Service with Innovative Technology
  • World-class service: Ecolab’s team of experts offer unparalleled service and support (24/7/365).
  • Award-winning innovation: Aquanomic received the 2011 Cleantech Tekne Award for environmentally sound solutions.
  • Aquanomic Lodging Solids Program Brochure

    Learn how Ecolab's Aquanomic Solids Program will achieve clean, white and soft results guests expect.


    Aquanomic Lodging Liquids Program Brochure

    Learn how Ecolab's Aquanomic Liquids Program will achieve clean, white and soft results guests expect.

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