Cal Hypo Pool and Spa Program

Delight guests with sparkling clean water to maximize guest comfort and enjoyment. Automated dispensers control chlorine feed through erosion feeders, which helps to maintain a stable, well-balanced pool chemistry and respond to unpredictable and variable bather load. Cal Hypo uses chlorine in a solid tablet form, which ensures safe handling.

Cal Hypo Pool and Spa

  • Automated dispensing ensures proper water balance, providing swimmers with a safe and enjoyable environment
  • Comprehensive line of NSF Certified feeders capable of handling pools of all sizes — from spas to several million gallon pools
  • Calcium Hypochlorite tablets can be stored for up to a year while liquid bleach degrades rapidly, losing its effectiveness
  • Minimize worker injuries with conveniently packaged solid sanitizers, designed for easy and safe handling
Program includes:
  • Automation to ensure proper water balance
  • 24/7 computerized monitoring
  • Technical support by remote support specialists
  • Personalized service and staff training
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