Cleaning Caddy for Facilities

Get Restrooms 54% Cleaner at a Lower Total Cost Restroom cleanliness is a top priority. Yet, restroom cleaning is a dreaded task that is often outsourced. Delight your guests with cleaner, odor-free restrooms - and save money - by disinfecting daily with an Ecolab Cleaning Caddy.

Better Results, Lower Costs.

Improve the cleaning process using a better cleaning system and enjoy the results.

Cleaner Restooms

  • Clean and odor-free restrooms create a great first impression
  • Touch-free system simplifies the cleaning process
  • Everyday Disinfecting

  • Effective disinfectant solutions help prevent the spread of germs
  • Deep clean and disinfect every day of the week vs. deep cleaning weekly/monthly
  • Operational Efficiency

  • Increase employee productivity by cleaning in half the time
  • Consistent cleaning process for better results

    Cleaning Caddy Brochure

    See how to delight your guests with cleaner, odor-free restrooms with the Cleaning Caddy.
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