Colloidal Dispersion Gels

TIORCO’s colloidal dispersion gels (CDGs) are lightly crosslinked polyacrylamide gels that form in-situ after injection into reservoir. These gels are formed from low concentration polymer augmented drive fluids, capable of entering high matrix permeability and/or fractured reservoirs in-depth, while being adsorbed onto the rock surfaces. Predominant water flow paths are physically altered to reduce flow and more low permeability oil bearing rock is contacted by the drive fluid.

Volumetric Sweep Improvement Flowing Gel Technology

Oil producing reservoirs contemplated for secondary recovery must be studied prior to waterflooding to characterize the rock properties and determine how efficiently the reservoir will flood. Many exhibit a non-uniform permeability contrast that results in rapid water breakthrough at the offset producing well(s), with resulting inefficient oil recovery. If a reservoir shows a Dykstra-Parsons permeability variation greater than 0.55, then a long-term injection side application of colloidal dispersion polymer gel should be considered early in the life of the waterflood.

CDG Technology is salinity independent and can be used as an alternative in high salinity polymer flood projects where the required polymer concentration may be very high.  Case history data indicates expected recovery improvements up to 10% of original oil-in-place over and above waterflood recoveries with less water injected.

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