Condensate Treatment

Nalco Condensate Treatment programs can help you save energy, water and water pretreatment costs by maximizing the amount and quality of condensate returned to the boiler as feedwater.
Condensate is condensed steam. Since condensate is very pure water with relatively high heat content, it is ideal for boiler feedwater. If the condensate is not properly treated, a number of contaminants could be introduced into the boiler and cause problems. In fact, very pure water is corrosive.

Nalco provides a full complement of volatile, filming and blended corrosion inhibitors to help arrest condensate corrosion so you can return a greater portion of this precious water to your feedwater. Our Tri-ACT programs contain blends of low, medium and high volatility amines that provide great protection and neutralization of acidic gases, such as CO2 throughout a condensate system. Nalco ACT corrosion inhibitors were developed with food industry ingredients to combat corrosion, and ensure safety to your end-product and the workplace.
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