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EnCompass™ O.R. - Improve Efficiency and Cleaning Outcomes

Efficient Operating Room turnover is critical to the success of any hospital. Ecolab's EnCompass™ O.R. tools and processes with CleanOp® room turnover kits featuring microfiber products are designed to improve cleaning efficiency and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
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CleanOp Room Turnover Kit

CleanOp™ Room Turnover Kits

Improve O.R. turnover time with a customized solution of products and tools that work for your O.R., including Mojave™ Super-Absorbent Linens, armboard covers, pillowcases/headrest covers, wipes, bags and mops. Includes training on product usage that helps staff turn the O.R. in less time and properly handle waste.
EnCompass Cleaning Station

EnCompass™ Cleaning Station

  • Position products and buckets to individual preference using flexible configurations
  • Access products and supplies easily with color-coded bucket system
  • Extremely smooth and quiet design
CleanOp Disposable Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

CleanOp® Microfiber Cloths

  • Disposable cleaning cloths
  • Improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness
  • Tested with dispensing system and disinfectant to deliver the appropriate disinfectant level to surfaces

CleanOp™ Microfiber Mop

  • Disposable
  • Light and superior gliding characteristics
  • Even wetting of surfaces improves mopping efficiency
  • Low in-use cost
EnCompass OR Sweep Set

EnCompass™ Sweep Set

  • Eliminates bending to remove surgical debris from floor
  • Easy to clean and disinfect to avoid cross contamination
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