Operating Room Cleaning with Ecolab's EnCompass O.R. Monitoring Program

EnCompass™ O.R. - Delivering Objective Cleaning Results

Measuring your staff's effectiveness is critical to delivering improved cleaning outcomes. With a focus on high touch object cleaning, Ecolab's EnCompass™ O.R. Monitoring Program uses the patented DAZO® fluorescent marking gel to objectively measure thoroughness of disinfection cleaning on critical surfaces.
DAZO Fluorescent Marking System

DAZO® Fluorescent Marking System

Provides quantitative feedback on high-touch surface cleaning using DAZO® Fluorescent Gel applicators, UV lights with a customized sampling plan.


Data Collection

Data is collected using iPod® handheld devices with our pre-loaded monitoring application for easy tracking and reporting. This system is easy to use and WiFi-enabled.

Report Generation

Access real-time reporting via Ecolab's online portal which allows for trend analysis and benchmarking ability and allows for data to drive critical decisions. Ask about our customized reporting capabilities.
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