Engineered Shell™ Systems

Nalco offers innovative Engineered Shell Systems and on-site service to help maximize the profitability for your investment casting foundry. Nalco's investment casting product line includes:

  • Engineered Shell Systems: Faster Dry times, Fewer Dips, Less shell cracking, Improved casting surface finish, Optimized Total Cost of Operation
  • Locally manufactured binders are optimized for the needs of local foundries
  • High performance environmentally friendly Wax Cleaners.
  • Other process aids including: wetting agents, antifoams and biocides
  • Distributor for Minco Min-Sil® Fused Silica refractories

In addition to this extensive product list, Nalco can provide service and support to improve your shell room operation. These capabilities include:

  • On-site consulting and Continuous Process Improvement
  • Process Control optimization

For additional information or assistance please contact the Colloidal Technology Group directly at

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For additional information or assistance, please contact our Colloidal Technologies Group.

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