Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory

TIORCO’s EOR laboratory backs all phases of product development, enhancement, field deployment, quality control and cutting-edge research. Here, we emphasize understanding the reservoir, and then we design chemical EOR processes that incorporate best-in-class products, testing and monitoring to reduce EOR risk and improve program performance.

EOR Lab Capabilities


Because each reservoir and project is unique, TIORCO prepares and tests a range of gels in the EOR laboratory to ensure program optimization for the formation's characteristics and water source.


It is critical to understand the properties of produced brine, crude oil, polymers, surfactants, emulsions and foams for the successful design, quality control, application and monitoring of EOR projects.


Understanding the fluid phase behavior of the in-situ reservoir fluid is essential to anticipate current and future fluid behavior during enhanced oil recovery processes. Phase behavior evaluation capabilities give TIORCO a very effective tool for improving the economics of flooding.


Core flooding and slim tube testing increase our understanding of the particular rock properties of a reservoir and the expected behavior of different EOR processes and flow of fluids in reservoir rock.

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The Science of Enhanced Oil Recovery: Behind TIORCO's success is the ability to bring the right blend of three key ingredients to each EOR project. Solutions. Products. Services.

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