EOR High Temperature Applications

Premature gel formation has traditionally made extremely hot reservoirs extremely difficult to work with. TIORCO’s robust, versatile gel chemistry simplifies the placement of large gel treatments and can be injected effectively into production or injection wells at temperatures from 200° to 300°F.

Conformance Improvement For High Temperature Applications


The gel can be injected into production or injection wells at temperatures from 200° to 300°F to solve the following problems:

  • Producing Wells: Bottom water coning, early water breakthrough, fracturing out of zone, conduit from injector to producer, natural fractures connected to bottom water drive
  • Injection Wells: Conduit from injector to producer, injection out of zone, thief intervals of natural fractures or high permeability streaks


  • Robust, versatile gel chemistry does not require exact chemical concentrations
  • Can be used in almost any type of mix water; fresh water is best
  • May not require zone isolation in fractured reservoirs
  • Zone isolation typically not needed in injection wells
  • Can place large volumes to block water flow paths further out from the wellbore than other methods. This reduces new flow paths by passing the gel
  • Works up to 300°F. Can be formulated to work up to 350°F
  • Payout is often within 6 to 9 months


  • Producers with high fluid levels are excellent candidates
  • Perfs must be clean so the gellant can be readily injected
  • Minimum efficient injection rate and maximum injection pressure constrain treatment volumes
  • Should be able to place over 50% of design gel volume without reaching pressure limit
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