Grease Removal

Get cleaning solutions for all your grease removal needs. Our powerful formulas make kitchen degreasing effortless. Choose from kitchen degreasers and oven cleaners, fryer cleaners, clean-in-place oven cleaners and more.

Degreasing Power

Cleaning solutions for all of your grease removal needs


Penetrates through baked-on grease build-up and lifts it from food cooking surfaces.
•  Requires no safety gloves or goggles
•  Foaming for vertical cling
•  Biodegradable formula
•  For use on ovens, grills, stove hoods and vents

Grease Express High-Temp Grill Cleaner

Fast flat-top grill cleaner strips grease build-up in just 60 seconds, without cooling your grill.
•  Powerful, fast-acting formula removes baked-on carbon and grease from hot grills
•  No rinsing required
•  Reduces grill downtime
•  Single-use 3.6 oz packets reduce overuse


Grease Express Fryer Cleaner

A powerful and easy-to-use solution for tough, baked-on fryer carbon and grease.
•  Cost effective and convenient-to-use packets simplify the cleaning operation
•  Helps reduce worker exposure to hot surfaces and need for scrubbing
•  Works fast to save time
•  No neutralization step required

Grease Strip Plus

High-performance gel degreaser to remove baked-on grease
•  Quickly cuts through caramelized, carbonized and burnt-on / baked-on soils
•  Non-butyl formula meets 2013 CARB V.O.C regulations
•  Cuts back on hazardous fumes and flashbacks
•  For use on ovens, grills, stove hoods, vents and broilers
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