Hand Hygiene for Long Term Care

Providing a safe, caring and comfortable community to your residents, visitors and staff is a top priority. At Ecolab, we've developed a hand hygiene system that combines bacteria-killing chemistry with technology and training – making your hand cleaning habits safe, simple and efficient. With Ecolab's Total Hand Hygiene System, you get efficiency, innovation and sustainability helping to ensure your residents can live their lives to the fullest.
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Clean, without a doubt.

62% of confirmed Norovirus outbreaks occur in Long Term Care facilities.* However, the right hand hygiene practices and systems can help prevent the spread of infection throughout your community and ensure food safety.


  • A full range of hand hygiene products, from soaps to sanitizers to lotions
  • Innovative Nexa™ dispensers with antimicrobial protection on the push bar that continuously inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Touch Point ServiceSM, including customized planning,free installation, expert training, continuing awareness and ongoing service

    * Vega, et al. 2014, J. Clin. Microbio.52(1):147

    NEXA Dispensing System

    Ecolab's new Nexa™ Dispensing System, provides efficiency, innovation and sustainability in one sleek, but adaptable dispenser. Watch how Nexa™ can help you protect your residents, visitors and staff from HAIs and other infections.

    Did you know?

    A 20% increase in hand hygiene adherence results in a 40% reduction in the rate of HAIs.*

    * McGeer, A. “Hand Hygiene by Habit”. Infection prevention: practical tips for physicians to improve hand hygiene. Ontario Medical Review, November 2007, 74

    Hand Hygiene for Long Term Care

    Read how Ecolab's Hand Hygiene program helps ensure clean hands without a doubt.


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