Hard Surface Cleaners

This comprehensive housekeeping program includes hard surface cleaners that are easy to use and proven more effective than competitors.
Hard Surface Cleaners

Comprehensive Bio-Based Solutions

Remove Soils and Refresh Surfaces

  • Best-in-class surface cleaning products
  • Proven more effective than competitors in lab and field tests
  • Easy-to-use solutions for all your housekeeping needs

Help Protect Your Staff and Visitors

  • No personal protective equipment required at use
  • Designed with staff interactions in mind
  • Formulated with trend forward fragrances

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

  • Chemicals made from plant derived natural resources
  • Biodegradable and zero volatile organic compounds per CARB Regulations 2012

Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner

Eliminate soils to help keep any surface looking its best.

Glass Cleaner

Impress with sparkling, streak-free results on glass and mirrors.

Acid Bathroom Cleaner

Erase tough hard water build-up and soap scum from tubs, showers, countertops, toilets and sinks.

Neutral Bathroom Cleaner

Remove soap scum and water spots from tubs, showers, countertops, toilets and sinks.

Ecolab Total Food Safety

Your success depends on satisfying your guests and managing your risks. At Ecolab, we help you raise the bar for both. We work with you to help make food safety routine throughout your entire operation. Our industry experts use the latest research to keep you ahead of the curve. And our integrated approach delivers innovative food safety solutions that help protect your guests, your brand and your business.

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