Healthcare Protect: Pest Solutions for Acute Care

Strict state, federal and joint commission audit requirements make it more important than ever to ensure your patients are safe from pests. Ecolab helps you protect patient health and your reputation. Our HealthcareProtect program emphasizes a proactive approach to pest elimination through detailed inspections, correcting structural and sanitation issues and using non-chemical solutions whenever possible to maximize efficacy and patient safety.

Pest Elimination for Acute Care

Our HealthcareProtectSM program is designed specifically for Acute Care facilities to help provide protection against your most common pests: ants, cockroaches, rodents, occasional invaders and flies. Our program can be tailored to your specific needs, including proactive inspection and treatment of bed bugs. When you partner with Ecolab, you add another expert to your team to ensure a safe environment for your patients and staff. We work with you to identify risk areas, eliminate and prevent pests and provide you with detailed reporting.

Ecolab offers:
  • Highly trained, professional service specialists committed to keeping you audit-ready and your patients and staff safe.
  • Industry-leading innovation including proprietary protocols that emphasize the use of non-chemical solutions whenever possible.
  • A wide range of educational tools and resources to help train your staff on how to identify pests and bring awareness to the activities which can attract pests.
  • Experience and knowledge working with thousands of Acute Care facilities.

We provide an outside-in approach to pest elimination with on-site consultation, data-driven reporting, customer support 24/7/365 and educational tools to raise awareness on how you can prevent pest activity.



Just one rodent sighting can shut down your business. Ecolab’s rodent prevention and elimination program protects your facility from rats and mice. More.



Cockroaches carry and spread disease. Trust an Ecolab Service Specialist to kill cockroaches and make sure they don't come back. More.



With their potential to bite, sting and contaminate food, ants are more than just a nuisance. Ecolab’s ant elimination program offers customized treatments to fit your pest control needs. More.


Occasional Invaders

Occasional invaders, such as centipedes, crickets, and beetles do not reproduce indoors and are therefore not considered a pest species. While they do little or no damage, their presence is definitely considered a nuisance, and can  be damaging to your brand. More.


Large Flies

Large flies are known to spread disease, so managing them is critically important for establishments that handle or process food. Ecolab's large fly program helps reduce the pressure of flies on the exterior of your facility and eliminate flies on the interior. More.

Small Flies

Small flies can live in your facility year round and have a major impact on your business. Ecolab provides unmatched expertise with a proprietary approach that defends against small fly infestations. More.


Bed Bugs

After years of virtual eradication from the hospitality industry, the bed bug is back and showing up in even the most exclusive hotels and resorts. More.

Healthcare Protect Acute Care brochure

To learn more about Ecolab's Healthcare Protect pest elimination for acute care facilities, Download Brochure.



A natural, ready-to-use pesticide for crawling and flying insects that's safe to use on food contact surfaces. More.

Air Quality

Eliminate odors with advanced odor neutralization technology that combines fragrances with innovative odor-neutralizing chemistry that attacks and counteracts malodor molecules. Ecolab offers 24-hour protection, continuous release for a worry-free solution. More.
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