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At Ecolab, we understand the toughness of removing industrial stains. Our knowledgeable team of experts have proven we know how to remove stains no one else can touch. Patented blend formulated to provide excellent cleaning performance on the heaviest industrial soils. Our Performance™ Industrial detergent works in conjunction with Performance™ Booster to provide wash formula flexibility on linen types and soil levels to deliver optimal balance of cleaning performance and chemical usage.

Performance™ Industrial Program

The demand for clean is relentless. But that’s just the start.
Industrial strength, then—clean by any means. Industrial strength, now—a patented chemistry formulated to provide excellent cleaning performance on all varieties of industrial soils. Effective removal of petroleum, oil,and grease. Exceptional level of whiteness. Ecolab continues to raise the bar on results possible with today’s chemistry.

But some products go further. The Performance™ Industrial Program 3-product system (detergent, alkali and booster) is designed with the ever-changing soils of industrial laundries in mind. It allows for standard high efficiency customized formulas,creating the versatility to manage every application and drive results for your business.

Best of all, the Performance™ Industrial Program has been formulated to ensure we are incorporating sustainable product design in a way that delivers the best customer results while maximizing environmental safety. A redefined standard of clean with today’s sustainable laundry solutions.

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