STEALTH Fusion Fly Light

To protect your facility from bothersome and unsanitary large flies, install the STEALTH Fusion Fly Light to attract and kill flies fast.
Stealth Fusion Fly Light

The STEALTH® Fusion Fly Light is Ecolab's revolutionary fly removal technology designed for the interior of your facility. This fly light is up to two times faster and more effective at attracting flies than traditional lights. This mean fewer flies bothering your customers and employees - and fewer chances of diseases being spread throughout your establishment.

As an integral part of Ecolab's Large Fly program, this product is essential for discrete fly removal.  For a clean, safe and healthy environment for your customers and employees, get the STEALTH Fusion Fly Light to stay ahead of fly problems.

 NOTE: Product may not be available in all countries.

Stealth Fusion Fly Light Demo

Watch this demo showing the Stealth Fusion Fly Light which is up to two times as effective as traditional lights, eliminating flies faster, and helping to protect food safety.

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