Nalco Fabtech Operational Services

Sometimes total site management proves invaluable in remote locations and areas deficient of expert tradesmen. On-time installations and trouble free start-ups make the option of a turnkey project valuable, especially when high demand on local labor and field construction services means uncertainty for your project timeline.

Why Turnkey? 

• Offer labor in labor-tight regions
• Extends your engineering bench
• Minimize construction risks
• Reduce safety and environmental exposure

Nalco FabTech works with onsite surveyors and engineers to develop optimal site plans. These plans assist in feasibility studies and recommendations on plant placement. While some situations will necessitate onsite construction, for the majority of projects, facilities are built using our unique modular design program and then transported to the job site, integrated and put into operation.

Maintenance Programs 

To ensure reliable operations, we offer a variety of services that provide you the assurance that your injection facility maintains maximum uptime and efficiency. Nalco FabTech offers repair and rehabilitation services to operators and drilling contractors needing rig and pump repair.

The Nalco FabTech goal is for the facilities we fabricate to operate efficiently with minimal downtime. We back up our construction, implementation and personnel training with maintenance programs designed for your specific plant and pumps. You select the duration, and we provide a preventative maintenance schedule that will take care of the small problems before they turn into big ones. In addition, our certified Nalco FabTech technicians are trained to provide maintenance to all of the pumps we include in our facilities.

Nalco FabTech integrates only top-of-the-line pumps into our injection plants. Each installation comes with an initial supply of spare parts you will need to keep up with routine maintenance and repairs. can ship nearly any part to your location by overnight courier.

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