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The Nalco Learning Center and Nalco Customer Learning Center represent Nalco’s web-based learning management system and are upgrades to the previous systems known as Nalco University and Nalco Customer University. Built on the backbone of the “best in class” SumTotal Learning Management Software, the Nalco Learning Center serves as the repository for all Nalco learning activities (courses, workshops, tests, training reference materials, etc.).

Nalco Learning Center Overview

Like many companies today, you may experience high turnover and inconsistent knowledge levels but would like to empower your personnel to work more efficiently. To meet the challenges of operations that utilize water, we have developed interactive online training that teaches operators and engineers how to work smarter and better. Plus it allows managers to evaluate their employees progress and performance.

The Nalco Learning Center and Nalco Customer Learning Center are integral to Nalco’s commitment to be the thought leader in the sustainability, water conservation and energy reduction markets. It provides measureable and sustainable value by connecting employees with development and customers with technical advantage. It acts as the vehicle for scheduling and delivering training to customers and employees in addition to serving as the storehouse for training records and report development.

By enrolling in the Nalco Customer Learning Center you gain immediate access to online training classes that can optimize employee performance with more accountability and less cost by taking advantage of these benefits:

  • training for all levels: beginner to seasoned pro 
  • computer-based learning: simple-to-use and available anytime, at work or home 
  • training accountability: built-in monitoring and progress tracking 
  • student monitoring: student-by-student status updates and record keeping 
  • certificates: students receive certificates for each course successfully completed 
  • purchase options: multiple-course tracks, individual courses, per-student or site-license pricing

Experience the interactivity first-hand of the Nalco Customer Learning Center courses. Visit and try our online demo.

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