Odor Control

Get industry leading products for fighting tough odors, including smoke, food and urine — without leaving a sticky residue on fabrics and surfaces.
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Odor Control

Guest scores and industry rankings use “room smell” as a key measure for guest satisfaction. Ecolab products project a clean and inviting environment from the minute guests arrive and deliver that final essential trait of a truly clean space: it “smells” clean.

Ecolab Room Refreshers, Odor Neutralizers and Air & Fabric Refreshers provide:

  • Superior odor fighting technology -- effective on difficult malodors including smoke, food and musty odors
  • Flexible, cost efficient usage -- adjustable dilution levels allow you to customize application intensity to fit your needs
  • A variety of fragrances with broad appeal
  • Responsible formulations -- Room Refreshers use IFRA compliant fragrances and meet CARB VOC thresholds
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