Pure Comfort™ Mineral Pool & Spa Program

Generating chlorine from a gentle saline solution, our Pure Comfort™ Mineral System creates silky soft water. Guests avoid excessive dry skin, strong chlorine odors and eye irritation. There is no need for bulk storage of sanitizer on-site and it helps eliminate the risk of mixing incompatible chemicals such as bleach and muriatic acid.

Pure Comfort™ Mineral Pool and Spa Program

Ecolab's Pure Comfort™ Mineral System generates chlorine sanitizer necessary to maintain a safe and balanced pool

  • On-site production of chlorine sanitizer, in the pool water itself, comes from a gentle saline solution
  • The salinity of the pool water is as mild as that of a human tear, creating silky soft water — a swimming experience like no other

Provides a comfortable and enjoyable swimming environment

  • Crystal clear, silky, soft and soothing water
  • Minimizes eye and skin irritation
  • Reduces unpleasant chlorine smell,
Program includes
  • Automation to ensure proper water balance
  • 24/7 computerized monitoring
  • Technical support by remote support specialists
  • Personalized service and staff training
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