Pure Comfort™ Mineral Pool and Spa Program

Generating chlorine from a gentle saline solution, our Pure Comfort™ Mineral System creates silky soft water. Guests avoid excessive dry skin, strong chlorine odors and eye irritation. There is no need for bulk storage of sanitizer on-site and it helps eliminate risk of mixing incompatible chemicals such as bleach and muriatic acid.
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Pure Comfort™ Mineral Pool and Spa Program

  • Our Pure Comfort™ Mineral System generates chlorine sanitizer necessary to maintain a safe and balanced pool

  • On-site production of chlorine sanitizer, in the pool water itself, comes from a gentle saline solution

  • The salinity of the pool water is as mild as that of a human tear, creating silky soft water — a swimming experience like no other

  • Provides a comfortable and enjoyable swimming environment
  • *Crystal clear, silky, soft and soothing water

    *Minimizes eye and skin irritation

    *Reduces unpleasant chlorine smell, as mineral pool systems 

  • Program includes:

    *Automation to ensure proper water balance

    *24/7 computerized monitoring

    *Technical support by remote support specialists

    *Personalized service and staff training


    • Pure Comfort Pool and Spa Program Guide

      Learn how Pure Comfort™ Mineral Pool Systems provides your customers with an unforgettable and enjoyable swimming experience.


      Pure Comfort Sustainability Case Study

      Learn how Ecolab's Pure Comfort Mineral Pool and Spa Program helps deliver guest satisfaction with sustainable results at a midwest limited service hotel.
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