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Tailored for your critical kitchen equipment, our goal is to keep your foodservice kitchen equipment up and running. That’s why we incorporate pre-scheduled maintenance, same-day repair service, and a real-time asset management solutions into this program.
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Intelligent Solutions for Optimizing Your Kitchen Operations

Smart Care is an innovative group of programs from Ecolab that takes service from reactive to proactive for both maintenance and repairs.

Smart Care MyTech Program

Ecolab Equipment Care provides a dedicated technician who knows the specifications and particular needs of your kitchen equipment. Your technician can repair and maintain it on a regular schedule. This exclusive service provides you with routine maintenance and repairs as well as predictable costs for your kitchen equipment.

Smart Care Preventive Maintenance Program

Ecolab Equipment Care’s Preventive Maintenance program covers all your critical pieces of equipment. We help you maintain your equipment to prevent unexpected maintenance issues.

Smart Care Temperature Monitoring Program

Ecolab Equipment Care's Smart Care Temperature Monitoring Program provides operators a proactive way to continuously monitor and manage critical temperatures at the key steps of food service flow, including receiving, storing, preparation, cooking and holding.

Smart Care Cold Temperature Control Program

Ecolab Equipment Care's Cold Temperature Control program enables your refrigeration and freezing equipment to more accurately measure the temperature of food product, not the rapidly fluctuating air temperatures around it. This enables the compressor to run fewer but longer cycles, resulting in more consistent food temperatures and increased equipment efficiency.


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