POL-E-Z™ Liquid Flocculants

POL-E-Z liquid flocculants minimize the amount of mixing required to keep product uniform in storage. Then POL-E-Z provides faster and more complete solution activation when compared to standard liquid and powder flocculants.
POL-E-Z™ Liquid Flocculants

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POL-E-Z liquid flocculants help eliminate dust and handling/safety hazards of powder polymers while providing improved stability in storage as well as ease of solution preparation. This new generation of liquid flocculants maximizes product performance potential in a variety of applications including: thickeners, clarifiers, twin belt filter presses and paste thickening or other dewatering equipment.

POL-E-Z Flocculant Applications include:

  • Thickening
  • Dewatering
  • Filtration



POL-E-Z™ Liquid Flocculants for Coal Processing
May 22, 2014

POL-E-Z™ Liquid Flocculants for Coal Processing

This brochure describes Nalco's POL-E-Z Liquid Flocculants program.

Download POL-E-Z™ Liquid Flocculants for Coal Processing


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