Permacare Service Packages for Membrane Systems

Nalco provides three types of service packages, the PermaCare I, PermaCare II and PermaCare III, that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Service details

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Service Name Description Includes
PermaCare I
Nalco's Six Service Standards for membrane systems.
This includes review of operator logs, review of data from RO TRASAR and RO EYE, recommendations for improved operation, training in the operation and cleaning of the RO system, chemical inventory for the RO system and quarterly service reports.
PermaCare II
Audit package.
In addition to what is done in PermaCare I we perform a monthly review the mechanical operation of the RO system, double check gauges and data records, test the RO feed water and verify the chemical dosing and operation of the pretreatment systems. We also offer classroom training for the operation and maintenance of the RO system, and provide trouble shooting and consulting as required.
PermaCare III
Maintenance package.
In addition to PermaCare I and II we will conduct a CIP of the RO system four times a year, and perform quarterly calibration of key instruments.

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