Polymer & Gel Analysis

Because each reservoir and project is unique, TIORCO prepares and tests a range of gels in the EOR laboratory to ensure optimization for the formation's characteristics and water source. By conducting a rigorous set of tests before, during and after injection, TIORCO's lab ensures the overall quality of our products throughout project implementation and allows the reservoir engineering team to adjust treatments in response to changes in the reservoir.

Polymer & Gel Flooding

Polymer flooding is used to improve water/oil mobility. By mixing high molecular weight polymers (polyacrylamides) with the injected water, we increase water viscosity and improve vertical and areal sweep efficiency. In addition, the polymer reduces the contrasts in permeability by retarding flow in the high permeability zones, forcing the water to flood the lower permeability zones and increasing sweep efficiency. Gel treatments excel in treating fractures and fracture-like features to prevent channeling.

TIORCO's continuous development of new technologies incorporating new sources of polymers, new crosslinkers, and new water stabilizers ensures that producers are working with the best available technologies and chemicals for enhanced oil recovery. These technologies are further customized to the characteristics of the reservoir through the TIORCO lab.

Leading benefits of polymer and gel flooding include:

  • Improved oil recovery
  • Increased sweep efficiency
  • Significantly lower water requirements for flooding
  • Superior recovery in "heavy oil" formations


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