We are the leading supplier of process antifoulants for the refining and petrochemicals industries. State-of-the-art process simulation methods, a focus on the mechanical and operational factors critical to developing a successful fouling control solution, and the broadest range of chemical solutions in the industry are hallmarks of our programs.


  • Increased unit run-lengths and throughput
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Fouling control technologies with 8-year run-lengths in all major designs of olefins units
  • Record run-lengths and throughput for all major butadiene-extraction technologies
  • Crude-unit antifoulants for the entire range of opportunity crudes, shale and tight oils.
  • Increased unit run-lengths and throughput
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Improved fractionation of high-value distillates
  • Minimal risk of process contamination or other adverse effects in downstream processes.

MMA esterification

Working closely with several producers, Nalco Champion has developed a series of programs targeting the improvement of the MMA esterification process operations. To prevent polymerization of various unsaturated intermediates and products, inhibitors are introduced during the acetone cyanohydrine process—improving operational performance.

VAM polymerization

Nalco Champion has developed custom programs to tackle the VAM polymerization in purification section. Our Acryl-ex™ program provides an environmentally friendly approach to the process limitation. Replacing commonly-used PBQ or HQ polymers, Acryl-ex™ programs reduce the cost of operations and improve system reliability and performance.
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