Pulp & Paper Chemical Savings

Our integrated approach provides our customers with cost effective and high-performance solutions to meet the challenges of their unique markets. Nalco’s Retention, Drainage and Formation programs can be applied to a wide variety of paper grades and furnishes. Specific programs are selected based on proven laboratory screening procedures and on-machine testing protocols. Nalco also provides functional chemistries that assist in developing sheet properties and promote machine productivity.

Chemical Cost and Usage Reductions

Nalco's programs have positive impact on many chemicals used throughout your pulp and paper operation:

Direct impact

  • Sizing aids
  • Dry strength aids
  • Retention aids
  • Microbial control
  • Pulping aids
  • Yankee coating
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Water treatment

Indirect impact

  • Bleaching chemicals
  • Wet strength resin
  • Fabric life
  • Optical brightener


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