Chemical Savings

Our integrated approach provides our customers with cost effective and high-performance solutions to meet the challenges of their unique markets. Nalco’s Retention, Drainage and Formation programs can be applied to a wide variety of paper grades and furnishes. Specific programs are selected based on proven laboratory screening procedures and on-machine testing protocols. Nalco also provides functional chemistries that assist in developing sheet properties and promote machine productivity.
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Chemical Cost and Usage Reductions

Nalco's programs have positive impact on many chemicals used throughout your pulp and paper operation:

Direct impact

  • Sizing aids
  • Dry strength aids
  • Retention aids
  • Microbial control
  • Pulping aids
  • Yankee coating
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Water treatment

Indirect impact

  • Bleaching chemicals
  • Wet strength resin
  • Fabric life
  • Optical brightener


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