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When you seek to optimize your process, troubleshoot or increase efficiencies, Nalco's brain-trust, our consultants, leverage expertise, experience, knowledge and intellectual equity to help. Individual expert consultants not only have proven track records (average experience is 27 years), they also leverage our knowledge management system that has been refined over the years. All consultants take a multi-disciplinary approach (mechanical, operational and chemical) to your process.

Consulting Services Overview

Consultants provide many different plant, process or application audits and surveys. They also provide a comprehensive survey of the chemical application, processing equipment or overall application in water or paper processing. Examples of applications include: raw & waste water, boiler water, cooling water & papermaking. Examples of industries include: paper processing, chemical processing, metals, petroleum & refining, municipalities. Consultants also determine the equipment/process performance relative to industry norms & benchmarks.

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