Crude Unit

Traditional approaches to monitoring corrosion provide adequate control during 90 percent of operating time. But that 10 percent of unit operating time in which they fall short can lead to unstable operation and significant delays. Nalco Champion is committed to helping you run at peak efficiency. We do this by giving you access to smarter ways to detect and measure changes in the corrosive environment in real-time—red-flagging potential problems before significant corrosion occurs.


  • Desalting
    • RESOLV Desalting Management
  • Corrosion
    • PATHFINDER Aqueous Corrosion Control
    • SCORPION II High-Temp Corrosion Control
  • Fouling
    • ThermoGain Crude Preheat Fouling Control
    • DISPERS-ALL Ammonium Salt Dispersant
    • MONITOR Heat Exchanger Network Modelling Software
  • Cleaning
    • ENTERFAST Turnaround and Cleaning Programs

Rust never sleeps

An effective corrosion-control program must go beyond periodic sampling and manual sample processing. It has to cover the “corrosion windows” consistently and in real time to be 100 percent effective. Our overhead analyzer can provide refiners with a continuous view of pH, chloride and iron levels, permitting the application of timely and effective chemical solutions.

A world of improvement

The best solutions on the planet won’t help if you cannot access them. Our advanced, real-time corrosion control capabilities are available from every Nalco Champion engineer at every customer site around the globe. And our engineers can provide this information with same-day turnaround and quickly recommend corrosion control options.
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