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Getting oil and gas out of the ground requires some serious equipment. Think custom. Think very high quality. Think stainless steel. Nalco FabTech designs, fabricates and commissions custom oil and gas equipment for next-generation exploration in EOR. FabTech’s engineering, design and drafting team works with project managers, on-site fabrication teams and their customers to create whatever’s needed, wherever it’s needed.


  • Design - The engineering/design process developed and proven by Nalco FabTech's design team as being efficient and thorough follows your project from conception to completion.
  • Fabrication - We have earned our reputation through the successful implementation of purpose-built Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) facilities throughout the oil producing world. Nalco FabTech's expertise ensures that scale-up from the lab to the field meets your engineering specifications for exact chemical processing and fluid injection.
  • Installation - Once a modular plant is completed at our Wyoming fabrication facility, we deliver it to your location and perform start-up and system testing. In some cases, we will even prep the site prior to installation. Once delivered, Nalco FabTech personnel make sure the plant is running to specifications, and provide onsite training to your field crews in daily operations as well as routine maintenance. And we follow the project throughout the construction phase, helping again to create a quality project and to complete "As Builts" of each project for future reference.
  • Field Services - Nalco FabTech provides total site management for oil and gas producers, creating turnkey field project designs.
  • Maintenance Programs - The Nalco FabTech goal is for our injection plants to operate efficiently with minimal downtime. To ensure this occurs, we offer a variety of services that are cost-effective and guaranteed to keep your injection facility running smoothly at maximum efficiency. Our services include plant maintenance, temporary start-up options, field services, and spare parts replacement with Nalco FabTech certified technicians.
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