FabTech Custom Oilfield Equipment and Facilities Solutions

We build equipment and facilities to your requirements and your schedule. Modular, scalable, portable, automated – Nalco FabTech’s oilfield equipment and facilities packages meet your most demanding design specs and exceed your performance expectations. We provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to operations around the world, backed by commissioning services and operator training to deliver a safe, seamless start-up and ongoing operations support.

    Fabricated Equipment and Facilities Packages

    From stand alone electrical buildings to remote labs and pump packages to pressure vessels, Nalco FabTech designs, procures, fabricates and repairs critical oilfield equipment and infrastructure. We do our work safely and reliably, manufacturing to your specifications and deadlines.


    Engineering Design

    FabTech’s engineers and designers leverage decades of oilfield equipment and facilities experience into every single project. Beyond quality, safety and reliability at start-up, FabTech facilities and equipment are built to allow safe and easy maintenance for efficient, effective performance.

    Project Management and Onsite Services

    FabTech is more than manufacturing. Our integrated team steers your project from planning through installation and operations. Benefit from our experience, as we provide commissioning and operator training for a safe, seamless start-up and onsite services for smooth-running operations.


    Manufacturing and Fabrication Capabilities

    FabTech maintains 19 shops with 140,000+ square feet of fabrication floor space across 34 acres in Casper, Wyoming. We handle coatings, assembly, electrical and testing, and with cranes capabable of handling up to 80 tons, we are equipped to do it all – even on the largest of projects.
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