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Mastitis is the number one disease with economic impacts to dairy producers. Loss of milk and breading and reproduction problems all impact the bottom line. Dairy cow cleanliness and care prior to milking are important for optimal milk production. Ecolab provides high quality teat dips that help producers achieve the best combination of keeping cows healthy and in good milking condition.
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Cows Need Effective. You Need Affordable.

Wash and Prep RTU™

Non-Iodine Teat Dip or Spray
for Pre-Milking

Specially formulated to lay waste to mastitis-causing organisms, gently helping protect sensitive skin and saving you money right away with an affordable, iodine-free pre-dip.


Ultimate™ T.D. and Ultimate™ T.S.

Non-Iodine Teat Dip or Spray
for Post-Milking

Now there are two new ways to get iodine-free protection post milking: Ecolab Ultimate T.D. or Ultimate T.S. Select the dip or spray formula that's right for your operation—then use together with Wash & Prep RTU™ pre-dip for the ultimate iodine-free combo system.

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