Floors & Drains

Ecolab provides a complete line of clean and safe floor and drain solutions that break down the toughest grease buildup on your kitchen floors, helping to prevent slips and falls. In addition, Ecolab’s drain treatment products work overtime to digest grease and other food residuals that clog your drains, pipes and grease traps.

Floor Cleaning and Grease Trap Maintenance

Why is Kitchen Floor Cleaning Important for Employee Safety?

  • Greasy kitchen floors are slippery
  • Slippery floors are dangerous and can cause a slip and fall injury
  • Industry reports suggest each slip and fall costs $3,000 on average

Why is Grease Trap Maintenance Important for Operational Efficiency? 

  • Drains require consistent cleaning in order to maintain a free flowing drain line
  • Grease from clogged grease traps will congeal over time, which can cause backups and blockage
  • Save money with clear drains by avoiding potentially expensive plumber visits
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