Flow Assurance

Production-stopping deposits like paraffins, asphaltenes and hydrates can block your way to financial and operational success. We’ve developed innovative programs and chemistries to eliminate those deposits and maintain the flow of hydrocarbons. These include paraffin and asphaltene inhibitors, specialized viscosity reducers, defoamers and drag reducers. Our expertise in fluid management, analysis and comprehensive field support ensures that your solution is tailored to your unique application.


  • Assure® Hydrate Inhibitors – For integrated hydrate control, provides customizable hydrate management for challenging deepwater operations
  • Flexoil® Paraffin Inhibitors – Prevent crude-oil precipitation of paraffin wax deposits in production risers, subsea tie-backs, or any other production tubular or transportation pipeline
  • Gas Treat® H2S Scavengers – Remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from process systems to improve safety, protect equipment and meet sales specifications
  • Flotron® Paraffin Control and Asphaltene Inhibitors – Prevent these commonly-occurring components of crude oils, which can seriously interfere or shut down production
  • Foamatron® Foamers and Foam Control – Fit-for-purpose foaming products specially designed to unload water from gas wells or pipelines
  • Surfatron® Surfactants – A diverse family of product formulations that enhance wetting and emulsify or disperse oil, water and solids

Deepwater flow control

Flow assurance has always been an issue in offshore fields. But it can be particularly challenging in deepwater and ultra-deepwater operations, where environmental factors can compound problems like hydrate and paraffin formation. We understand deepwater and align our services and chemistries to your needs, helping to extract more energy with fewer resources.

Problem-solving DNA

Nalco Champion people are driven to innovate and solve challenges. Our focus on energy services is the power behind our solutions. Because of our extensive presence globally in oilfields, refineries and petrochemical plants, we have a deep expertise that we leverage across the entire value chain to improve production and create greater efficiencies.
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