Flu Prevention

With 5-20% of the population affected by the flu each year, the flu is a serious matter for businesses–causing guest complaints, employee absenteeism, and even death. Your food safety and public health procedures can either help escalate or slow the spread of this disruptive virus. Through installation and proper use of hand sanitizers, hand washing stations, and hard surface disinfection, you can decrease the threat that the flu poses to your employees and customers.

Missed The Flu Webinar?

Learn about the facts and tips on human influenza and how you can protect your employees and customers from the flu.

Facts & Tips on Human Influenza

Read about the facts and tips on human influenza and how you can keep you, your staff, and your guests healthy.



Flu Advertorial

Having the flu can cost you and your business money. Learn how partnering with Ecolab can help minimize your exposure to the flu and reduce absenteeism.

How The Flu Can Impact You

Learn how your Ecolab representative can help select products and recommend procedures that are right for your environment.
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