Food and Beverage Process Applications

Nalco is the food industry’s global leader in water management. Nalco’s team of industry experts understands the unique needs of your food processing operation. Our expertise can help you reduce your environmental footprint, optimize profit, protect capital and human resources and achieve lowest total delivered costs – anywhere in the world.


Nalco can assist you in achieving your process system goals:

  • Reduce water consumption in process systems
  • Reduce environmental conformance costs and surcharges associated with process water discharge
  • Increase efficiency and protection of potable [“house”] water systems
  • Process refrigeration coil energy efficiency and cleanliness
  • Increase the purity of steam used in process heating applications
  • Reduce rejects, rework and wastage caused by staining or spotting in thermal processing systems
  • Control foaming in process streams
  • ‘De-bottleneck’ plant process water systems
  • Increase efficiency of air cooled and plant inlet air handling systems
  • Clean plant drain systems
  • Optimize process water and systems pretreatment efficiency
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